Panama Jack


Established back in 1989 by founder Antonio Vincente, Panama Jack is an innovative, leading footwear brand with a growing presence worldwide that started as a small Spanish company with big dreams. True to its roots, each boot and shoe is made 100% in Spain, and combines traditional shoemaking craftsmanship with modern technology to bring you the best quality footwear possible. Catering for all weather conditions and lifestyles, Panama Jack manufactures excellent quality shoes and boots with individuality and personality in mind. They believe that footwear is more than practicality. So, whether you're planning on climbing mountains or simply taking your dog for a walk around the park, they will have the best shoe or boot to suit the occasion. Each boot is made from the highest quality weather resistant material, with a robust rubber sole and padded collar for optimal comfort and snugness. Thanks to the design of each boot and the fantastic, detailed cleaning advice and products Panama Jack make available, you can be sure to keep your footwear in the best possible condition, maximising its lifespan.

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