Buffalo started as, and continues to be until today, a famous brand in the young fashion shoe market. Found in 1979, as a retailer company for cowboy boots which were the most fashionable shoe wear for teens back then. In the early 80’s and after the big success the company known, they introduced to the market their first trainer shoe. Until the end of the 90’s, famous bands and Pop Idols as Spice Girls, Madonna, N’Sync and Cher used to wear the Buffalo styles as their favorite. Buffalo with its exclusive platform shoes, edgy high heels like the 20cm 1310-2 and the unique chunky silhouettes revives a vintage 90’s style. Depending on your preferences and your personal style you can choose among platform ankle boots, platform sneakers or even platform sandals. Unique materials as Leather Nappa and vinyl combined with Classic Colours will help you find the eccentric, distinctive style you are looking for.

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