For almost a century, Palladium Boots has been about adventure and discovery. Over the years, Palladium boots have been worn by the French foreign legion, famous volcanologists, film makers, and even 90’s grunge rock punks. Born in 1947 and reborn in 2017, the Palladium boots are immortal. Shoes for the freedom generation. Palladium boots made their debut on the streets as the beatnik spirit inspired thousands of French young people to pound the pavement, while the Pallatennis sneaker proved its speed on the feet of protesters outfoxing the police. Palladium boots are sturdy but light, water-resistant, and were the first ones made from canvas, the fastest fabric to dry out. If their design has become timeless, it's because it responds to a fundamental need for resistance-resistance to the elements, to wear and tear, to time and trends. Their boots are light, breathable and comfortable to wear. Discover the Palladium shoes collection and enjoy every step in them.

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