Geox is a leading brand in the International lifestyle footwear market. The success of Geox is due to the constant focus on the application of innovative solutions and technologies on the product that guarantee both impermeability and breathability. The ‘shoe that breathes’ is a perception, an idea, a promise that has been a cornerstone of Geox’s corporate mission since the very beginning: the creation of well-being and absolute comfort. The ‘shoe that breathes’ patent, featuring a rubber sole combined with a special membrane that allows the passage of water vapour but not water, has been extended to shoes with leather soles, which are also able to repel and disperse water and humidity. Geox’s new generation of wind and rain proof products reached the peak of breathability and heat-regulation technology in Amphibiox, a range of products offering outstanding levels of insulation and protection. Added to this is the unique nature of the Xand cushioning system, the anatomical softness of Xense, the lightness and flexibility of use of Nebula, the Side Transpiration System and the Net Breathing System, which offer excellent levels of breathability over the entire surface area of the foot. Thanks to the Geox Respira system, the garment stays dry, perceived humidity is reduced and the risk of catching a cold due to excessive sweating followed by sudden gusts of cold is eliminated. They offer shoes for those interested in innovation and image, without compromising on comfort, quality and above all well-being. Best shoes for those that love style on the go, at any pace, in and out of town. Above all, Geox is for those that choose to breathe, anytime.

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