Founded in 1992, Dromadaris as a company provided technical shoe manufacturing services at the highest possible level of reliability on international basis. For 15 years Domedaris operated as a sourcing company, proud to have served the best known brands such as Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Colombia Sports, L.A. Gear, Brasher, Chaco, Dansko and many more. Then in 2007, Dromedaris launched its own brand. Making use of their experience, they developed “3D Technology” which now serves as the basic concept for women’s collections that have a unique level of comfort, combined with the latest European fashion. They also made it part of their mission statement to use highly ecological materials and manufacturing process in their shoes and created the “Possibly the “Lowest Carbon Footprint” Shoes on Earth” concept. Dromedaris is committed to produce fashionable women's comfort footwear that is made with the lowest possible "Carbon Footprint". Their shoes now offer breathability for added comfort. Removable “4D Technology” footbed for lateral stability and arch support with metatarsal cookie for shock absorption and soft cushioning. Exclusive Dromedaris TR rubber outsole with provides added support to the feet. Whether you're looking for a pair of casual shoes or simply comfortable shoes for winter or summer, discover Dromedaris shoes made with the utmost care and with the high quality craftsmanship.

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