Camper is a footwear brand from the Mallorca Island in Spain. Started in 1975 and remains till nowadays as a family business, with a famous shoemaking heritage. From the very start, they had as a key characteristic the casual designs with a special merge of sporty and smart style. Their motto “There is a Camper style for every walk of life” couldn’t be more true since all their models are relaxed yet refined styles that exist between the realms of sneakers and dress shoes. The company is on the hands of the 4th family generation now and has stores around the globe in more than 40 countries. Every season they thrive on reinventing some of their classic concept models while at the same time they challenge the status quo with brand new, although still original, designs. One of the most recognizable icons Camper’s style is the casual shoe “Camper Pelotas”, which blends a unique cushioning system with a classic, characteristic look. Another outstanding style is the “Camper Peu”, with a unique, lightweight, minimal silhouette that is famous for retaining all the benefits of a barefoot walking. Is very remarkable to mention that, in 1988 Camper introduces the “Camper Twins”, challenging the identical shoes by making the right shoe different from the left shoe. They have developed many variations that continue to prove that individuality makes a true power couple. Camper always makes sure to deliver the best quality together with classic lines and elegant colours, accompanied with professional construction techniques for enhanced flexibility. All the shoes are made with a 360° stitching technique which makes them even more durable and they have a lightweight EVA sole giving you that signature contemporary look with additional support.

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