Boxfresh was created in 1989 as a retaliation to the time when everyone had a uniform and casual wear was dull and unevolved. The brand name is an 80’s phase referencing new footwear that’s from the box. They have high quality maintenance starting from the process of making, designing and refining of the shoes. They have evolved a lot in these 30 years of their lifetime. They are simple yet more refined now and without any change to their core value of producing high quality product. Known as a 'street fashion' brand, its 2004 'Here and Now' collection was themed around "juveniles, rebels, smoking, kissing, hi rise, flats, hanging out on the street, runaway girls, untamed youth.” They are a well-known brand for their exclusive line of footwear. Their process of making shoes combines long-term cushioning with moisture management technology to keep feet fresh and comfortable throughout the day. Whether you feel more like the classic Swich black high-tops or about to grab a pair of Swapp high top trainers, all Boxfresh sneakers are made from premium materials including leather, suede, or textiles such as durable canvas. Their men’s trainers will suit both work or play, making them truly versatile.

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