Asportuguesas are a Portuguese footwear brand which doesn’t leave the planet’s sustainability barefoot. They are the first cork flip-flops brand, using a 100% natural raw material that is born in a tree and is retrieved every nine years, without the tree ever being cut. These are stylish, comfortable and conscious cork shoes you can wear all day. The blend of rubber and 100% natural cork used in soles makes ASPORTUGUESAS footwear unique, and its finishes in natural felt and rubber guarantee that your feet will be covered with nature’s finest materials. With ASPORTUGUESAS, be part of a community concerned about the environment and anxious to leave a footprint, a positive one. By purchasing ASPORTUGUESAS you are not only walking in style and comfort, but also with the certainty that you are contributing to create a better future. Explore amazing selection of these versatile, sophisticated and laid back footwear from trainers, flip-flops, ankle boots & more. Shop natural, versatile & sustainable shoes!

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