Founded in 2007, Softinos’ mission is to make shoes that look and feel soft. The idea behind this brand is so ingrained in their company philosophy that it’s in the name of the brand itself! They have a clear concept and branding, focused on comfortable fittings and round shapes while working only with the softest materials. The shoes are made with only the most high-quality and soft materials so it’s like walking on feathers, stepping on a fluffy carpet, or jumping on a plush bed. The Softinos brand is not only soft and comfortable, but includes designs in bright, bold colors to spread the happiness of color and design to women across the world. The Softinos brand is filled with different luxury designs, mostly flat, including sneakers, boots, and slides. Most of the designs come in bright, bold colors that make your outfit stand out and also neutral colors that serve as a daily go-to shoe. There is something in this collection for just about any woman who values comfort and fashion.

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