Pantofola D'Oro


Pantofola d'Oro is an Italian manufacturer of football boots, clothing and leisure footwear. Established in Ascoli Piceno, Pantofola d'Oro is synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, legendary authenticity, and unmistakably Italian style. What began more than a century ago to serve the world’s greatest athletes and champions has grown in to a world of iconic Italian heritage. The Pantofola d’Oro are traditional boots, light and flexible, and produced with the softest leather one can find. The skins are selected by hand and the cut for the boots come from a single skin. In the same way Pantofola d’Oro today projects new models for everyday life, for a contemporary lifestyle, but does so without abandoning its roots and is constantly researching its archives to discover the treasures and the secrets of the past. Their aim to produce football boots and leisure shoes in today’s world by applying care and attention as demonstrated fifty or more years ago is no small thing. A real authentic product, produced not only in an authentic manner and with quality materials and following quality process but founded on real values certain to make the difference. Follow their collections and you will see how much fun you will have, both out on the football pitch and in all walks of life in general.

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