Eastpak has been making long-lasting products since it was established in 1952 when they started out as Eastern Canvas Products, making durable gear for the US military. Since then, they have introduced a limited thirty-year warranty to let their bags live up to their potential. With durable designs and what they stand for as a brand, they are built to resist. From innovating bag and luggage design to creating memorable ad campaigns, they have redefined the rules and inspired positive resistance along the way. They have redefined the rules of bag and luggage design as they continue to adapt and innovate new collections. They seek out new creative challenges to disrupt their timeless designs, whilst remaining authentic and consistent with what the brand stands for. Eastpak as a brand has paved the way for prints when they were the first brand to feature all-over prints on their designs in the '80s. Every collection they have made since then has featured new prints and colours for every style or mood. They also have moved forward with luggage, as the first brand to add wheels to their soft luggage designs. Choose from the collection of backpacks, including Eastpak heritage backpack designs which are created with fuss free use in mind, with padded straps and backs for a comfortable carry and internal compartments to help keep you organized.

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